Web of Knowledge Discovery Quiz 2013 – Quiz Sept – 30 November 2013

Dear Web of Knowledge User

Climate change is a critical issue that has been given a lot of attention because of its environmental and social implications. It could increase or decrease rainfall, which results in more floods, droughts, and infectious diseases. It could also influence agricultural crop yields, and cause changes to forests and other ecosystems. Our earth is warming, glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, and cities are inundated. 
Would you like to know more?
Simply take part in the Web of Knowledge Discovery Quiz and imagine you are a researcher focusing on the topic of global climate change. What’s more, you also stand a chance to win fabulous prizes. 
Quiz starts today!
Quiz 1: 19 September – 30 November 2013  
Quiz 2: 17 October – 30 November 2013
Quiz 3: 14 November – 30 November 2013 

More information here >> http://app.info.science.thomsonreuters.biz/e/es.aspxs=1556&e=722612&elq=9046c024d9424eaea0b810351a6b8521

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