Upcoming Enhancements & System Downtime – Serial Solution 21 July 2012

Upcoming Enhancements & System Downtime
Serials Solutions is pleased to announce several new service enhancements. Each of these developments is the result of feedback and requests from clients, and reflects our continued commitment to improve our services to help libraries worldwide.
Upcoming Enhancements & System Downtime

Upcoming Enhancements

We will be releasing enhancements to 360 Resource Manager, 360 Counter and the Serials Solutions Client Center which will require system downtime on Saturday, July 21, from 8:00 am to Saturday, July 21, 6:00 pm HKT (Hong Kong, GMT +8, convert to your time zone). This downtime will only affect Ulrichsweb™, Ulrich's™ Serials Analysis System, and the Client Center, and will not affect your patron-facing services.
For complete details on this and past product releases, please visit Support Center Answer 422 and click the Notify Me icon to receive automatic notification when new information is available.
Serials Solutions Customer Listserv

Upcoming Enhancements

Serials Solutions now has several new email mailing lists to help connect users of our services with other clients to share information and best practices. These mailing lists are designed to foster communication amongst clients to discuss using and optimizing our services and are not intended to be a support forum. If you have a support question, please contact us through the Support Center.
Current mailing lists include a General Discussion, Summon, Manage, and Regional lists. Regional lists currently available include Australia/New Zealand, France, China, the Middle East, Germany, and the Netherlands. Other regional lists will be launched soon.
Current subscribers to the Summon service should send an email to summonclients-subscribe@lists.summon.serialssolutions.com with "Subscribe" in the subject line. Sign up for all other lists by creating a GroupSpaces account and then selecting the list(s) of your choice.
Support Center Login Requirements

Upcoming Enhancements

We will begin to require passwords for entry in the Serials Solutions Support Center on Saturday, July 21 at 9:00 am HKT (Hong Kong, +GMT 8) convert to your time zone). At that time we will add a link on the Support Center login page which you can use to set your password.

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